Monday, October 16, 2006

A few UFOs

So, let's see about adding some images...
This is the great UFO #1. I started this queen-sized quilt many years ago. It was from a book of "Weekend Quilt Projects." Ha! For a few years it was all pieced together, but without backing or batting. Then (I think around Thanksgiving 2003) my mom & her quilting group helped me stretch it all out on big church-basement tables, sandwich the backing, batting & top, and pinned it all together. Thereupon followed a start at machine quilting a queen-sized quilt on a regular sewing machine. The weight of the quilt pulls the fabric down, which led several times to the needle coming down on the sewing foot & snapping in half. Now I have a bigger work surface and should really get back to this project.

After a few others, anyway. Here's a sad little color scheme:

This is my 2nd commissioned piece, a baby quilt for DVP's sister. The lovely DVP sent a couple of color samples, incliduing a green most like the right-hand green of the two above. This green was very hard to match to any cute kid prints. And since taking this photo, the whole scheme has changed completely with only a few of the above colors staying in it.

And here's my first log cabin quilt. At the time of this photo, the blocks were not pieced together, though now they are (I'll have to work on this more, with more recent photos). It's sized to cover up a storage space in my office, and the orangey-yellows go with my office color scheme.

On a non-textile note, I made the maple-cayenne popcorn from DC's blog last night and we will attest that it is indeed a new form of crack.


Blogger Dearest Cupcake said...

Yes, maple+cayenne=crack. I did not realize all of the quilting projects you had in the works in addition to the knitting - they are beautiful. I think you can send things out to be quilted after the fun piecing is over....

6:56 AM  

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