Monday, October 23, 2006

More on the tree of selective death

So, my poor laptop is really not doing well. The narcolepsy was the fault of the power cord; I switched to another power cord & that problem is fixed. But I tried to upload some photos last night and it slowly froze, in stages. First stage was that nothing seemed to be happening with the upload, but as we're still working with (free) dialup at home, that wasn't too unusual. But then absolutely nothing was happening. Next step: the laptop stops recognizing the keyboard properly. It will recognize some keys, but only as if they were . I hit "f" & it brings up the command, "find". Then, a few minutes later, the whole thing is frozen up. Bleh.

So here's one crafty image, from the net:

This is my result for the quiz, "What kind of knitting needles are you?" (http://www.quizilla.com/users/larissmix/quizzes/What%20kind%20of%20knitting%20needles%20are%20you%3F). Apparently, I am pink aluminum. I do have several of these, probably either swiped them from my mom, or bought them at Woolworths.

And now, back to the tree of death. The toxin released by the walnut tree is called juglone. This is a diagram of where the juglone is released.
Apparently, from most parts of the tree (the roots, the leaves and the inner bark, mainly). This looks a little daunting at first. And I briefly considered whether the big, beautiful tree in our backyard should be done away with. But it turns out that the toxin is not toxic to everything. It's particularly toxic to members of the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, and presumably, though no one mentioned this, deadly nightshade), but not toxic to many lovely plants, such as forsythia, crocus & hostas. So I'll use the walnut compost, in the vicinity of the walnut tree, and put some of these unaffected plants back there. This is the kind of happy info we can get from our university cooperative extension websites (like Cornell (http://www.cce.cornell.edu/), Virginia (http://www.ext.vt.edu/), Minnesota (http://www.extension.umn.edu/), etc) - good folks!


Blogger Bashirs_Momma said...

Yes. The mighty hosta.

After the nuclear holocaust, there will be nothing left but a cockaroach, a hosta, and probably a circus clown. In pirate regalia.

But I digress...

10:52 PM  
Blogger Bashirs_Momma said...

According to the quiz, I am "turbo" charged.

Funny. I thought sloth was more like it.

"Fast moving and classy, you get things done with power and grace. Your expensive tastes can be deceiving, since what you really value is quality and efficiency. As you're careening around those corners in life, finishing a dozen knitted objects each month, stop and smell the roses. Don't miss the beauty of process!"

Maybe I lied?

8:22 AM  
Anonymous DVP said...

Speaking of dead trees.. The chestnut tree that Anne Frank used to look out upon is about to die. Luckily, they have a seedling from it so they will put the babe in its place. www.annefranktree.com

2:42 PM  

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