Friday, January 12, 2007

Here there be Pancakes! And Waffles!

This weekend, K & I travelled down to Williamsburg, VA for archaeology meetings. Mapquest estimated 7.5 hours drive time, but Mapquest lives in a happy, happy world without DC/Alexandria traffic snarls. Ah, idealism.
In honor of my dear friend Stephen, Mama Steve's House of Pancakes. We've seen at least 6 Pancake and/or Waffle places in the Williamsburg vicinity. Most hawk both pancakes and waffles, but some only one. Are these holdouts to the days before pancake/waffle alliance?
And now, belated thank you's for Christmas presents.
DVP kindly sent me this lovely skein of yarn from her lys (which we visited last Feb). It has a funny little frizzy spot after I left it on the couch overnight. I think one of the cats took it as her (or his, but probably her, the girl cat has a thing for natural fibers, esp. alpaca) new best friend.
K's sis gave me 4 skeins of alpaca yarn (2 skeins in each of these 2 colors), so now I'm thinking about what to make with it (the above try did not work out). An alpaca hat sounds lovely, but 4 skeins will make more than one hat. Hat & gloves? Still thinking.
One hat pattern I've been looking at is Elinor's awesome Winter Sunrise . In addition to loving her choice of colors, I also really like with the way she worked the decreases out with the pattern to make that great X at the top. Another great 2-color hat pattern is Hello Yarn's "We Call Them Pirates" hat. But I think I can see myself wearing winter sunrise more.
Also found this week: Morehouse Farm's Dragon Scarf. They could use some more color choices for the kit, not that we're limited to the kits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you like the pattern! I've never seen that dragon scarf. OMG. My little cousin would love one. He is all about dragons. I'm going to bookmark it and dig around in stash for some good green!! Maybe I'll make one for his birthday in September.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous diana said...

What?!?!?! I didn't even see you at the meetings!

4:33 PM  

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