Monday, January 01, 2007

Knitting? Oh right - that!

Happy New Year! K & I, along with LC, ICP, & VLo, went to beautiful downtown Binghamton last night for First Night. Thrilling? Not quite. There were fireworks at the end, though. Yay fireworks!
So, what have I been up to?
There were Koigu scarves for K's mom & sis, which turned out quite well. But did I remember to take a photo of them? No, I did not. DC made a beautiful scarf in the same pattern that she did record.

There were felted bowls. I made the first one (darker blue on right) for a present, then decided I liked it & would rather keep it. It's the key-holder by the door now. Then, I wanted to make a couple more, so I did pink & light blue for K's neices, to wrap up with the small jewelry presents I already had for them. So gratifying to impress the 11& 13 yo's - "You made this?! Wow!" I'm happier with the shapes of the two blues; I think I cast on too loosely on the pink one. Following splindarella's suggestions from November 2006 One Skein Knit-Along, I used Paton's SWS (soy & wool) doubled, and did 3 ridges of garter at the beginning to keep the top from rolling. The SWS has a nice sheen to it.

Harking back to pre-Christmas days, a thanks to AZK for the knitted purse book! The examples in the book make a bit more use of eyelash yarn than seems healthful, but of course the eyelash is not obligatory.

My lovely orchid is blooming & making the whole living room smell kind of like a spicy, flowery vanilla. A payoff for my practice of buying orchids at Lowe's after they've lost their flowers & been marked down to $1.

Next post: Williamsburg in January?


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Those are such cute bowls!!!!

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