Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Knits and Old Books

This week the yarn arrived from Morehouse Farm for the dragon scarf. I started it off on Wednesday and have been going like mad on it since. I knitted the dragon scarf at the podiatrists - it helped that a 2:30 appointment kept me there until 4:15 - a lot of waiting between actual interactions with medical personnel. I knitted the dragon scarf at K's sword-fighting class - if you can't knit a dragon scarf in the bleachers at the sword-fighting class, where can you knit it?
As for the books, a friend at work brought in this treasure trove, the 1976 "Woman's Day Book of Knitted Sweaters."

Tube tops for the ladies,
Double-breasted knits for the gentlemen, And a sweater reading "MOMMY" across the front, with "MOM" and "DAD" stockings for the child you wish to have beaten up every day at school.
Also, this smaller book of patterns with no date, but I would guess from the mid-60s?

Thanks Daniel!


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