Monday, February 05, 2007

Finished quilts

These are not recently completed, but I hadn't posted photos of them yet. Both were presents for friends who had babies in the past few years. The first one was one I adapted from a pattern in a quilting magazine. Theirs was a wall hanging with darker, countryside fabrics, and some kind of message in the large spaces around the central block. In this photo, it seems that the seams showed through too much on the yellow fabrics, though I don't remember that being a problem in person.
The second revolved around a farm theme, with one print of cows in a cornfield (not what what I think you'd want for your cornfield), a chicken print and the yellow print which had little specks that were to stand for grain. The back & binding were nice, soft flannel.
(Note the highly polished quilt display system - "Please stand over there & hold this quilt up.")
Since my last post, I finished the dragon scarf 8 days ago. Now he's just waiting on getting some eyes. This past weekend, I had to take my laptop in for service b/c it kept freezing up. A bit distracting when trying to work on the dissertation, or when doing much of anything for that matter. Hopefully, it will be fixable & fairly inexpensively so. Until then, photos will be hard to come by.


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