Friday, August 10, 2007

60% & 50%

Two new projects, both at least half done. The yellow item is a feather & fan baby blanket for my cousin's new baby. They live in Arizona, so I thought cotton would be a good idea. The yarn is KnitPick's Shine Sport, cotton 60% Pima cotton, 40% Modal, in Apricot. Usually, this blanket takes 8 skeins of yarn, but those tend to be skeins of 145 or so yards. But Shine Sport skeins are only 110 yards, and like an idiot, I didn't take that into account. So, I ordered 8 skeins, got started & had to order 2 more. Now I've knit up 6 skeins, with 4 more to go. Somehow, though it will end up being the same size as the others I've made, knowing there are 4 more skeins just makes it seem like it's more than usual. Also, the yarn is slippery and harder to knit with.
But, then, earlier this week, I had the blanket draped across my arm and thought, wow - that's a really nice feel - this would make a lovely wrap or light summer cardigan. Hmmm... Lots of nice colors in Shine Sport...
So the blanket is at 60%, and with one sock finished, that makes 50% of a pair of socks. This is also a Knit Picks yarn - Felici, 75% Superwash Merino wool, 25% nylon, in Hummingbird. Even though it has a bit of pink in it, I really like the colorway. This is my second pair of socks. The first pair was basic top-down. They didn't turn out well. While those two facts are not necessarily related, I wanted to try a different method this time, so I'm using Ann Budd's "On-Your-Toes Socks" in the Summer 2007 "Interweave Knits." So far, it's working out great. I was able to try the sock on throughout the process. It definitely fits this time.
And this will probably be the next pair of socks - it's self-striping sock yarn by Kaffe Fassett! In several really awesome colorways. Hard to pick just one.
And, today's arrival - a not-so-awesome colorway... This is my favorite yarn for making baby blankets - Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care DK, 60% acrylic, 40% cotton. And apparently it's not being made anymore. I can't find it anywhere. Except for this package of 10 skeins in lime green from an ebay seller. I don't think it really shows up in the photo, quite how lime this green is. It is quite vibrant. Who will want this near their child? So sad. I've been trying out some replacement baby blanket yarns, but nothing so far has been as satisfying.
And this is a new, unwelcome, visitor to our yard this week. I bought this shepherd's crook last weekend to set up a birdfeeder in front of one of the windows the cats can easily sit in. The feeder's beside a couple of bushes, so it's working out great for the birds. But now THIS! A groundhog! Where did it come from? Where does it live? This will not be good for the garden.


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