Saturday, August 25, 2007

80% & 55%?

Well, just a little update, without any big excitement. I finally received the two more skeins from KnitPicks for the baby blanket & have just started on skein #9 - so just one more after this, and then 22 ends to knit in (10 skeins, plus one break in a skein). The blanket still looks about the same as it did in the last post, though. The 2nd sock hasn't gotten far, since while I was waiting for the yarn from KP, I started in on another baby blanket for a recently arrived person. These people are having babies faster than I can knit!
And there has been so much going on other than knitting. Next Wednesday is K's dissertation denfense!!!! Yea! Needless to say, the tension levels around the house are a bit higher than usual. And, of course, his defense is making me realize what I haven't gotten done on my diss over the summer. Thursday marked 1 month until the wedding. We picked up the license this week & I had to make the decision about whether I'm changing or keeping my last name (keeping).


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