Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Baby Surprise Jacket

Well, it's been a busy summer so far, and it's flying by. I haven't gotten a lot of knitting accomplished (but I have interacted with a prison guard - now that's fun). Last Saturday I finished this item for a friend's baby shower - sewing in the frog buttons on in LC's car on the way up there & popping it into a gift bag with these great books just before we got to the house. The construction of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket was truly a surprise. With Cupcake looking on, I matched up the points as they were marked on the diagram, and - wow - it actually makes a little jacket.
So, here is the cast-off, no seams sewn version (with a messy thread left right smack in the middle - how did I not notice that?). Quite impressive how it turns into a little garment.


Anonymous diana said...

Very sweet!

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