Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Latest feather & fan

Here's the most recent feather & fan baby blanket (in the spare room which is filling up with wedding gear). I was very happy to get it all done & ready to ship off on Saturday. The recepient will be at our wedding, but it seems a little awkward to be giving people gifts at your own wedding. My favorite image of the wrongness is the family waking out to their car with a wrapped-up gife & someone asking "Changed your mind?"
This one is in Plymouth Yarn's Dreambaby DK, 50% acrylic microfiber, 50% nylon, in white with little dabs of blue & purple. I'm pretty happy with how the color spots worked out with the pattern. I still haven't found a suitable replacement for Sirdar Snuggly Baby Care DK, for knitting these blankets, but maybe something will pop up eventually. I may give KnitPicks Swish DK a shot.
I've also finished knitting the Argosy scarf in Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, a lovely yarn to work with. Right now it still has ends sticking out, and is curling like a mf, so no photos as yet. And I've started the Argosy baby blanket, with Jaeger Baby Merino. So far, it's very satisfying, making a squishy soft fabric.


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