Thursday, November 01, 2007

What was in the Bag?

Why, thank you for asking, Ms. Bestitched...
DC has shown off (most of) her loot, and MOD made off with quite a haul from the Sheep & Wool Festival, including a few skeins of beaded 100% bunny yarn.
Here's what filled up my tote bag:
Some bluey-purple mohair that has (as of last night) turned into a scarf. I thought there would be enough for the Feathery Lace Stole from Exquisite Little Knits, but I was (way) off in yardage estimation and yarn weight. This is quite a bit thicker than the Rowan Silkhaze that the pattern calls for. So, I ended up having enough to make one feather & fan patterned scarf. The colors are lovely - darker than it looks in the photo.
Three skeins of this lovely, lovely Mountain Colors Barefoot - noticing a color trend here? Maybe MCB would make a good Feathery Lace Stole? We'll see what this turns into.
Two huge skeins of something not bluey-purple, this Peruvian Tweed alpaca yarn. It's so soft, mmmm (makes you hum like an alpaca). I was thinking of some kind of wrap with this b/c it would be luscious to wrap up in. I've been experimenting with one lace pattern, but the soft, soft alapaca seems to make the lace pattern kind of - mushy? Maybe Clapotis? (And here's some of the great handiness of ravelry - I found someone else who had made Clapotis in this yarn. She's very happy with it, and recommended a size 7 needle rather than the size 8 the pattern calls for.)
And I bought one very handsome ceramic button from the Briar Rose Fibers booth.


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Next time.... next time...c

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Blogger Dearest Cupcake said...

Make something to bundle up in with the alpaca - the way you draped yourself with the "raw" skein suggests something that should go over your shoulders. Clapotis is a classic...

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