Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October summary

As DC has pointed out, October is almost to an end. Looking back, it was a lovely and productive October.
My parents came up to visit the weekend that friends from work threw a baby shower for me & LS. The shower was fun, and thanks again to anyone involved who might conceivably read this.My mom & I had lunch in Skaneateles,

and the next day the three of us went for a walk in Binghamton Univ's Nature Preserve, with lots of gorgeous fall colors.
The next weekend, I drove down to New Jersey to visit a friend from college and his wife & son. 5-year-old son loves drawing, and is very fond of Disney princesses. Yea for subverting gender stereotypes, but does it have to be Disney?
This would be the Delaware Water Gap, with a very low water level in the Delaware River.
A number of crafty projects have progressed close to finishing, which is good as pregnancy is taking away the use of my hands. The top for the baby quilt is all pieced together and I have backing fabric, so I'll get those combined at some point. Still have the Lizard Ridge blanket to seam up, and a couple of baby clothes to finish up.
Such as this baby surprise jacket, which has mysteriously uploaded sideways.
I bought a pack & play with bassinet top, so our son will have a place to sleep in our room until we're ready to move him to his own room (or until his own room is ready, which it is definitely not yet).
Last night we had snow and it looked fantastic with many of the fall leaves still on the trees.


Blogger Dearest Cupcake said...

Such beautiful fall colors! I'm pining for that cozy autumn feeling, but the mention of snow makes me appreciate the 80 degree days here in Peru. Speaking of snow, that lizard ridge will be nice to cuddle up under!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Bashirs Momma said...

What? October is gone? Wait? What? Where?

Nice little surprise outfit, there. Warm winter baby... Brrrr.

12:51 PM  

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