Friday, March 18, 2011

Car trip!

Car trip tomorrow, so I had to come up with some knitting. Thinking more about gifts, I decided I haven't been making enough. At some point, if there aren't enough people I know to make gifts for, I'm really going to have to get into charity knitting. Just need a good idea for a specific one there...
But for now, there's a new baby in the great pool of co-workers, and I'm going to make her a Milo. Also, I may start a Strangling Vine scarf. Because it's good to have a backup project. The Owls sweater for N & the neck-down cardigan for me are still out there, but figuring out shaping is not a task for the car, so those can wait just a little longer. (At this point, I better figure out if the Owls sweater needs to go up a size for next year.)
And, I just heard earlier that tomorrow there will be a "Supermoon!"


Blogger Marcia said...

Hey, look whose blog I found! I like looking at your quilts and knitting. I wish I had more time to practice both. It's also normal when you have a very young child to take a break - so definitely give yourself a break!

I think I started coming out of the fog at about two, and you're right there.

I have a coworker whose wife is pregnant and due in July, so I need to get cracking on a quilt. Bought a pretty pattern in Hawaii, just need to get moving!

9:20 AM  

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