Tuesday, May 17, 2011


[Wow - coming by to check on the blog & there's a comment! Hi Marcia!]
It's been a lovely springtime. The grand family trip out to the Midwest went pretty well, lots & lots of driving, but the little guy did quite well.
On the crafting front, I finished off the trucks sweater, it fits & has been worn!

It might need to be a little longer if it's going to fit next year. If so, I have an ambitious plan: unravel one row above the ribbing, knit another couple of inches, then graft the new knitting onto the body of the sweater.

A last-minute project for the big Midwestern driving trip was the Bile bag (or for my Ravelry purposes the Put a Bird on It Bag). This involved learning double knitting, which is somewhat interesting. And somewhat tedious. The result is quite pleasing, but the process... I'm about half done, and should be able to stick it out.

Because starting things is the way to go, I also have started two more scarves, one involving learning another technique - brioche knitting. I had bought a book on brioche, and have had some lovely skeins of alpaca as a gift from my sister-in-law, in two colors. Two-color brioche makes a lovely corrugated effect, and seems like it will be an extremely soft & lofty scarf.

And, tonight I cast on for yet another project. Seems like a bit too many, but I found out today that one of my son's daycare teachers is leaving for a new job. Mindy's been really great, so a small scarf - a Drop Stitch Scarf in KnitPicks Imagination sock yarn (Mermaid Lagoon - blue & purple with a little green). Greatly helpful to have one project with a deadline - Mindy's last day is in a week and a half.


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