Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall Projects

I started organizing my quilting fabric, and this is a starting palette for a new baby quilt. Many of these fabrics are left over from other baby quilts I've made, and I saved the pieces b/c I like them a lot. Especially four across the top - the dragons on dark purple, weird mer-folk on blue, striped and spotted cats and dogs on yellow, and madly grinning black cat on red.
I'm thinking to make these into something like one I made for a friend last year, with smallish squares of the colorful fabrics and sashing strips of one or more nearly solid fabric in primary or secondary color(s).
Now, the next photo is not my own project. It's a quilt my mom made for a charity auction. The centers of all those stars are made in a kaleidoscope fashion using 6 pieces of the exact same pattern section of a print. So, I believe that all the star centers are made using the fabric in the outer border. There was a request to show some of my mom's quilts b/c she is a grand master quilter and wins prizes for her quilts. This is the first picture I came up with of one of hers. I'll post more if I come up with some more photos, and so long as she doesn't mind.
It's going to be a busy fall. Last Friday was week 20 of the pregnancy, so half-way through & so far all's well. And since it would be best to get the dissertation done before the baby comes, it will be a busy fall.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dress-Up Day

Last weekend was the end of the season for the Sterling Renaissance Faire, and with about 10 hours notice, I bought a ticket to head up with DC & BB.
We all ended up buying some new duds. We all loved our lace-edged linen shirts or chemise, as the case may be. Look how nice the ladies on the right and left look. However, this dress makes me (in the middle) look more pregnant than anything so far has. Is that a good thing? Hmm...