Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here we are at mid-June

Not much knitting (or crocheting) progress to report here. I've been getting out & taking more photos of late.
This is one from last weekend that I like quite a lot. It's from the IBM Glen, a scenic spot behind the old IBM country club. The Waterman Center owns it. There are some inviting signs when you leave the parking lot, warning one to watch out for the poison ivy (appreciated) and to call 911 if you see vandalism going on (how often does vandalism happen to prompt a sign like that?). I'd been there once before and was a bit put off by most of the trails being old asphalt roadways. The asphalt's mossy, some of the old roadways are steep, and I was picturing the potential for falling.
Mossy old asphalt, bordered by one to two feet of low-lying poison ivy.
But this last weekend, I finally got down into the glen itself and was very pleased with the experience. This place is only about a ten minute drive from home, yet feels more remote. The creek with all its falls, small and large, is lovely, and the topography & water block out the valley's traffic noises. A very relaxing place.
Until I realized how much poison ivy there is.
But still, relaxing.